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How can I handle my wife’s abnormal behaviour?

Q: My 23 years old wife has started behaving abnormally for the last six months. We got married two years back. She is aggressive by nature. She doesn’t have any affection for her father but has great respect for her mother. Her mother too had a psychiatric problem. Nowadays, she listens only to her mother on even issues like what to cook and becomes very aggressive. I feel very disturbed. Please help.

A:Since your wife has had a history of some problems, you should see that she consults a Psychiatrist at the earliest. It will be difficult to persuade her to go to a doctor. Maybe you could ask her mother to help in her daughter's consulting a suitable person and in her restoration to good health. It is not normal to shout or get annoyed all the time. All this can be taken care of with expert treatment and advice. It is not a minor problem that you can solve with patience. Please do not hesitate to get the cooperation of family and friends to get her to a clinic and later, to ensure that she takes the medication regularly.


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