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Why are Duvadilan and Susten taken during pregnancy?

Q: What is the purpose of consuming Duvadilan retard and Susten 200 during pregnancy? Is there any difficulty if we discontinue Susten 200 in between. I had muscular cramps and heavy back pain from the very early stage of pregnancy. Also, I have spotted blood stains in white discharge twice.


Duvadilan Retard is the brand name of a medicine called isoxsuprine. It is a smooth muscle relaxant (arteries, muscles of uterus etc.) and was used to prevent premature labour. It is given towards the end of pregnancy if premature delivery is likely. Due to the entry of safer and more effective medicines, its use is no more in vogue in US, UK, Australia, etc. It has no proven role in early pregnancy.

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Susten is the brand name of a hormone called progesterone. It is to be given only when there is proven, documented deficiency of progesterone. In the past it used to be given as hormonal support during pregnancy. However its use has become highly controversial since many experts now advise that it should not be used in pregnancy at all. In Hungary, where 30% of all pregnant women were given progesterone, increased risk of developing hypospadias (urinary tube defect in male babies) and Tetralogy of Fallot (serious defect in the development of heart in the foetus) were reported. It can also cause masculinisation of female foetus (i.e. growth of facial hair, etc.). In conclusion, unless there is proven deficiency of progesterone, Susten should not be administered.

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