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Which is the most reliable test for AIDS?

Q: I want to know why some laboratories gives HIV TEST report within 3 to 4 hours while others take 1 week? Are all these test reliable or is a rapid test more reliable than an Elisa test? If someone tests negative after the window period, what are the chances of STD, its symptoms and how to check for STD?

A:Labs use different tests. Some tests take a few minutes and the others can take days. This is because of the test type and kit, please dont think that a lab that gives an result fast is any less accurate than one that takes longer. Generally a rapid, simple and ELISA tests have the same degree of accuracy if the testkits are of good quality. However, the ELISA test is becoming the standard for routine testing. A negative test is absolutely reliable and if done after the window period, it indicates that the sample tested has no HIV antibodies. In other words the person is not infected. Please note however that one test result should never be believed for a positive test result. False positives are common. A sample that tests positive should always be tested again, preferably using a different brand of test kit (based on a different active principle. If two or more rapid or ELISA tests are positive, then it means that there is HIV infection. STDs are totally different. They are tested for in a variety of ways and go to a doctor if you suspect that you may have a STD. Genrally STDs present with an ulcer on the genital organs or a pus discharge from the urethra, often accompanied by a burning pain on passing urine. STDs can also present with swollen glands in the groin or a pain in the lower abdomen. STDs should never be neglected, treatment should be taken even if the signs and symptoms have subsided.


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