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What test should I get done for HIV?

Q: I wanted to know if I had HIV. When I had sex with a woman I sucked her breast and happened to drink some amount of milk (it seems she had given birth to her baby approx an year before). I am not sure whether she was HIV infected or not, but if she was infected is there a chance of me also getting it. If I lick her vagina, then is there a possibility of me getting the disease. This happened 5 months back and after 3 months from that incident, I took an HIV test which was negative. But nowadays I am getting cold and loose motion. Now I wanted to ensure my status on this. I am very scared. I live in Bangalore, Could you kindly suggest me where I can take a test and what test I should go for?

A:Unprotected oral/vaginal sex does carry some risk (though not as much as unprotected intercourse). The chance of HIV infection in an adult from intake of a few drops of mothers milk is present but very low. For a test go to any recognised voluntary counselling and testing centre and get a test about 6 months after the risk exposure, preferably an ELISA. Please do not take any risks and avoid casual sex. Please remember that a condom does not guarantee 100% safety.


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