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What should I do to check her HIV status?

Q: I am a 55 years old man living alone as I work in another city. I meet my family only once in 2 or 3 months for few days. My sex urge has increased nowadays and to satisfy my needs I have convinced the maid who comes to my home to work. She is 3-4 years older to me and is separated. Now, we do some sexual acts including oral. She had told me that she did not have sex for years after she separated. Her vagina is very dry and it takes a long time for her to get exited. How can I improve her sexual urge? Also, does oral sex transmit AIDS? Can AIDS be hidden in women? I had tested her twice and found negative. If a women is tested negative, how long you have to wait to confirm whether she is having hidden virus or not? Do I have to conduct the tests more than once in some interval of time?

A:Yes, if a woman has HIV infection she will test positive only after 3 months (by ELISA test) after the exposure. Even after testing positive for HIV, any person will remain free from symptoms of HIV infection/ AIDS for many years. From her appearance, she will be normal looking. That way, the HIV infection can remain hidden. As regards your problem, how are you sure that the maid has no sexual relations with other men? For her other problems (dry vagina etc.), she should be examined by a gynaecologist.


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