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What is the target for diastolic blood pressure?

Q: I am having hypertension for last 6-7 years. Initially doctors advised me only dietary control but for the last 5 years, as per doctors advice, I am taking Envas (5 mg) 1 tab per day. With this my BP is 125 to 130/95 to 100 mm Hg. The doctor has advised continuance of this treatment but I feel that my diastolic pressure is more than normal. Please let me know if the above is normal and am I taking proper medication and should I continue with my present medicine?

A:You certainly need a better BP control. The target for diastolic pressure should be less than 85 mm Hg. I think you can easily increase Envas to 10 mg and if need be add a diuretic (may be chlorthiazide 25 mgs) under medical supervision. Your systolic blood pressure is ok. Meanwhile continue all other non drug measures like exercise, low salt and low calorie diet.


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