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What is the reason for my son's emotional outburst?

Q: I have two sons aged 30 and 27 years respectively. The elder one is in a government job and the younger one in business. My elder son got married in August 2002, but the marriage did not last long. His wife deserted her matrimonial home in May 2004 due to temperamental differences and left for UK. His behaviour is sometimes very cool and suddenly become violent/stubborn on very minor things and we are unable to control him. His main complaint is that he did not got love and affection in his childhood whereas I have only two sons and I have given my best to both the children.

A:From the description that you provided - it seems that your son realizes that he has this problem of outbursts (anger outbursts) and in a way he seems to blame it on his upbringing. By blaming on the past or for that matter anything, we can not resolve the issue in hand (anger outbursts). In any case, when an individual is stressed out/anxious/depressed he could get angry and frustrated easily. It is possible that your son might be going through some of these. His anger outbursts seems to be impacting him substantially, therefore I would recommend seeking some professional help such as either getting a comprehensive psychological/psychiatric evaluation combined with training in anger management techniques. For these you might want to contact nearest mental health care centre.


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