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What is the conclusion in case of non-reactive tests for HIV?

Q: I have done anti-hiv anti body test , the test were done 4 months and 6 months after the last exposure to high risk sex. Both the time the test result were non-reactive. WHAT SHOULD I DO ?

A:If the tests were done at a reliable lab. you may relax and be assured that you have been fortunate enough and are not infected with HIV. Please make sure that you do not have any further exposure. The best option is to avoid all casual sex, and to have sex only with your regular partner and you are both faithful to each other and do not have sex with anybody else. If you do not have a regular partner, your best option is abstinence. The second best option is to ensure that you have adequate protection and only have safer sex. A fresh condom used correctly right from the beginning to the end of the sexual intercourse is generally safe but always remember that accidents can happen and condoms can tear or burst.


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