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What are the reasons for impotency?

Q: Last year I got involved in high-risk sex behaviour. Two months back, I had a HIV test done. The test was negative. Now I want to know if I am out of danger and can I have HIV in future? Can too much of masturbation lead to impotence? Is drinking alcohol a cause for impotence?

A:If the test was negative, and you were tested at a recognised laboratory, then you can be sure that you did not get a HIV infection. The question of HIV in the future is entirely dependent on your behaviour. If you engage in unprotected casual sex then the fact that you did not get infected from the earlier risk exposure is absolutely no indication of protection in the future. Don't take chances and do not engage in any risk prone sexual activity and you will be safe. Masturbation is not linked to impotence. In fact masturbation can be a safe and no risk way of relieving sexual tension and within very wide limits is not deleterious to health. Vodka and most other alcoholic drinks do not directly contribute to impotence, if you are drunk your sexual performance suffers and a drunk person may well be incapable to performing adequately. If you feel you need counselling and psychological help please consult a psychiatrist near you. Please remember that most impotence is due to mental or psychological reasons. Be safe and be moderate in both masturbation and drinking, you will enjoy life. There is no fixed rule that defines the normal frequency of any sexual activity including masturbation.


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