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Survival of HIV virus outside the body

Q: Hello Doctor: 1) How long does the HIV virus survive outside the body?; 2) does the HIV virus survive on dried blood stains or any body fluid which is present on a needle or scissor or any other device that is placed in a desk/cupboard (the instruments are not exposed to air). I am anxious to know answers to these 2 questions because I accidentally came in contact with a scissors that is placed in a closed cupboard (not exposed to open air I am highlighting this point again). I will be very grateful to you for your kind information.

A:Exactly how long HIV virus survives outside the body depends on a lot of factors such as temperature, presence of fluids/moisture etc. On the other hand, HIV infected blood stored in a blood bank can remain infective for weeks or as long as the blood is adequately stored. Suffice it to say that under normal conditions, virus present in blood or other body fluids does not survive for long if the fluids dry up, or are exposed to sun or heat. This time is a matter of hours at most. Dried blood stains on instruments such as knives or scissors would not expect to have viable HIV after the stains are thoroghly dry whether the instruments were stored in a cupboard or in the open. As far as your accidental exposure to a blood stained scissor, please do not worry as there is no chance that you would be infected.


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