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Should I worry about HIV/AIDS?

Q: Almost 7 years back I had sex with another woman. I have undergone HIV tests two times recently. Both the times these were non-reactive. Of late, I am having slight cough, and had throat infection some time back. Phlegm is coming from mouth sometimes. There was some rash on the back also. Doctor asked me to use prickly heat powder, and at two spots I am having dhobi itch on arms. I fear these are symptoms of HIV/AIDS. Why I am worrying because, all the symptoms what I am having right now (like cough, skin allergies) are described as signs of HIV in lot of web-sites. After seeing all of these I am worried a lot. Due to this stress, for the last 9 months, I got high BP. I am taking medicines for that. I am not able to speak to my wife also with all this kind of confusion. I am worrying whether to go for children. I consulted a doctor, but he says no need to worry about all these things.

A:If the risk exposure was 7 years ago, and you have tested negative twice recently, you do not need to worry about HIV. The signs and symptoms you mention are not specific for HIV/AIDS and could be caused by any of the usual common reasons. Get them treated and do not worry. Behave normally with your wife and family. In fact there are no specific signs or symptoms of HIV disease so stop looking for them! Please be careful and do not expose yourself to risk again. The best thing is to avoid all casual sex and stay only with your mutually faithful partner.


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