Shaving blade

Q: I have recently picked up a bare shaving blade which was dropped by a passerby on the road. After about 10 secounds of the shaving blade falling on the road, I picked it up and threw it on the side of the road. I want to know can the bare blade have HIV virus(AIDS) on it even after it is exposed to air, and can the virus get to me because I had touched it for about 5 seconds. Please do let me know if I can get affected.

A:I do not think you have any cause to worry. As you do not mention it I am assuming that you did not get a cut from the blade. If you did not get a cut, and did not have a previous open wound, even if there had been fresh HIV infected blood on the blade, there is no danger to you. Infected blood (or other body fluids) cannot enter the body to infect a person through intact skin. Do not worry. HIV is a fragile virus and dies in a short while if blood is exposed. Generally completely dried blood no longer has living virus and is not considered infectious. You must also realise that even if the blade had some visible blood, it is not necessarily from a person with HIV infection or even AIDS.


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