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My in-laws are too conservative, what should I do?

Q: I am a 23 year old married woman. I have been married for 2 months. I cannot adjust with my in-laws. They are too conservative. My husband is residing in Africa and I am in India. I will leave for Africa after 4 months. After a year my in-laws will be joining us. Sunday is the only day when I get time to talk to my husband through the internet, at that time my brother-in-law says why am I talking to him. My husband loves me a lot and he also loves his parents and his brother. But they do not understand my feelings. I have tried to explain all these things to my husband, he says silence is the best answer. But this silence is killing me. Due to this situation I am not able to concentrate on any work. What should I do in this situation?

A:It truly is a difficult situation to be in. Given that it has been only two months since you have been married, please allow yourself a little bit more time to make sense of your new environment that includes new people. It is a plus point that your husband is supportive. Share your concerns without being critical of his family by focusing on how you are feeling. Ask him for suggestions on how you can deal with them given that he will know his family far better than you. You may also directly have a communication with your in-laws and ask them how life at home can be smoother. Try and make the most of it now and once you are with your husband in a few months it will give you more strength to deal with them in the future. Remember that any change is stressful, particularly a marriage. So don't be too quick in jumping to conclusions about how life will turn out for you. Make the effort and make sure your keep your channel of communication open with your husband.


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