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Is there risk of HIV on kissing an infected person?

Q: Thanks for answering my previous queries. In your answer you have clarified that saliva does not contain the HIV virus and it is only when an infected person has bleeding gums, cuts, sore in their mouth that transmission of HIV infection can occur during mouth to mouth kissing. As you can understand doctor these cuts, sores are rarely found in persons. I am asking you this because I was unfortunately involved in mouth to mouth kissing with a prostitute in a night club as I was not aware of HIV transmission due to kissing some 3 months back. Though this lasted only a few seconds, and considering the age of the prostitute I am sure that she was not having bleeding gums (being optimistic), I am not sure about cuts/sores. It is all my luck. Doctor, is HIV transmission dependant on the quantity of the blood which has gone inside or even the smallest trace of blood can infect the other person? Please clarify in detail and on the basis of your experience with HIV infected cases caused by kissing alone.

A:Saliva has traces of the virus but is not an important source of HIV transmission by itself. Bleeding from small injuries or inflammation in the mouth is very common - you have probably noticed occasional blood due to vigorous brushing of teeth. Inflammation of the gums is also not uncommon. If infected blood directly enters the blood stream of a non-infected person, sero-conversion can take place with even very small or microscopic amounts of blood. HIV transmission due to only kissing is not common. Stop worrying now, just get a blood test and as the exposure was 3 months ago, if you test negative in even one test, rest assured that you are not infected. Please take precautions from now on.


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