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Is there any rehabilitation centre/shelter for HIV patients?

Q: I have been diagnosed with HIV. I do not want my family to go through any emotional stress. I do not want them to see my health deteriorate and bear humiliation. I do not want to live with them anymore. Can you please suggest me some rehabilitation centre where I can find shelter and be of use to that particular organization?

A:Please understand very clearly that the diagnosis of HIV infection is not a death sentence. Yes it is sad and terrible to get this shock but you must come to accept that you have a medical problem, which today is more and more being considered a chronic disease. At this time there is no permanent cure, that is true but who knows what will be available tomorrow. Even without antiretroviral treatment, half the people who get HIV infection are alive and well over nine years. Please remember this, the chances are that you have many years ahead of you, productive years. There is no reason why you need to hide yourself away from everyday life. When your immune system starts to get seriously compromised, then we have the alternative of ARV. These drugs can postpone the effects of HIV for many, many years. Do not rush into taking these medicines too soon – your best interest will be served by starting them only when you really need them. This point can be determined by blood tests (CD4) Please also remember that a regular life with a good diet and some exercise can prolong your life. All illnesses should be treated promptly. My advice would be for you to get in touch with a local group of HIV positive people. They will support you with advice and knowledge.


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