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Is there any drug to prevent HIV infection?

Q: I am a 25 years old man who was exposed to HIV infection 2 weeks back. I will go for a test after a month. If I am found to be HIV positive, is there any medicine available for saving my life from the infection and AIDS

A:I understand that you feel you were exposed to the risk of HIV infection 2 weeks ago and are naturally worried about it. The normal tests done for detecting HIV infection the ERS group, most often the Elisa. Elisa and similar tests are generally not reliable soon after infection and therefore it is recommended that the test is done 12 weeks after exposure and perhaps even after 24 weeks. There are some newer tests, which are reliable much earlier. Please remember that if a test is done after the window period (the period when a person may be infected but the test is not yet reliable) a negative test does not need confirmation that is you can depend on a negative test. On the other hand a positive test always needs to be repeated to confirm the result. If the exposure you fear was sexual, and the partner someone you can contact again, then a test of that person may help you. If negative, then you have nothing to fear. Of course this may not be possible. At this stage, two weeks after exposure, there is no medication or procedure that can prevent a possible infection from developing further. There is no medicine that can cure HIV infection at this time. Please keep in mind that even if you ultimately prove to be HIV infected there is still a long and active life ahead of you. Even without specific treatment, 50% of the persons who get HIV infection are still healthy and doing well 9.8 years after getting the infection. In addition, medicines and treatment patterns are improving every day and there is every chance that with appropriate treatment you can continue to live a healthy life for many years.


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