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Is my mother's BP too low?

Q: Sir, My mother aged 69y is on treatment for high blood pressure with Listril 10mg 1 tab daily and Lorvas 2.5 mg 1 tab daily. Her blood pressure is between 150/67 - 160/75mm Hg. She also has pain in her knees, arms and shoulders which could be osteoporosis and is being given Minroset (alfacalcidol) 0.25mg 1 tab twice a day. My question: Is her BP at the lower end low? Should she reduce the dosage or can she be on 1 drug rather than a combination? Is Minroset safe with BP drugs or can you suggest an alternative/other measures?

A:The target of BP at all ages for the systolic pressure is close to 120/80 mms Hg. It is with this pressure that the risk of events like strokes, heart attacks and kidney failure etc are minimised. I think your mother needs to increase the dose of lisinopril under supervision to achieve this target. The diastolic pressure is ok. It is not too low and will not become lower by increasing the dose. Minroset and medicines of this kind will not react adversely with the BP lowering drugs.


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