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Is my mother being treated all right for high BP and diabetes?

Q: My 45 years old mother is suffering from high blood pressure & diabetes. Initially, she started with Amlodac 5 & Nebi-h. But after taking it, her blood sugar level rose to 260/405 as fasting/PP respectively. Earlier, she was taking ayurvedic medicine - madhunashini for diabetes and her sugar levels were normal. Now, the doctor has given the following combination of medicine - Cardace AM (2.5 mg) & Natrilix for high blood pressure and Amaryl M twice a day for diabetes. Is my mother on right treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes?

A:The combination of antihypertensive and antidiabetic medications prescribed to your mother is good. The increase in blood glucose is not due to Cardace AM and Narilax SR. These medications are also quite safe but these will need titration to have optimal control of BP (<130/80) and blood glucose (F<130 and PP<180 and HbA1C<7%). You have not mentioned bout the duration of diabetes but if it is more than five years then she is likely to need insulin in due course of time.


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