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Is it safe to eat food cooked by an HIV positive person?

Q: I live with my wife who is into her fourth month of pregnancy. We recently hired a maid servant who does all the household work including cooking, cleaning, etc. We had got a blood test done for her and the report shows that she is HIV positive. Is there a possibility of infection caused through the food she cooked for us? Once she cut her finger while cutting vegetables. Can this spread infection?

A:Please note that social, non-sexual contact with a HIV positive person living in the same household doesn't spread HIV infection. Also so far there is no transfer of your maid servants fresh blood into some one else's cuts/ wounds, there is no risk of HIV transmission. That is why, your maid servant’s cooking, cleaning etc. are not likely to transmit HIV infection to anyone else in the family. The only precaution you should take is that her personal use items such as toothbrushes, razors etc. are not used by anyone.


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