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Is Hepatitis B more dangerous than HIV?

Q: I am infected with Hepatitis B virus; the results are: HBsAg positive, HBeAg positive and HBV DNA (qualitative method) positive. Can I get married? Will it have any effect in the future? Can I exercise? I got treatment with Interferon injection (80 vials). At present I am taking Lamivir HBV tablets. Is there any permanent solution? Will this is be cured? Is it serious than HIV (some eminent doctors have said so)?

A:The answers to your questions about your Hepatitis B infection are as follows: 1. Patients lose their infection spontaneously at a small rate (about 5%) every year and achieve self-cure. 2. Drug treatment can suppress the infection in most cases. Moreover, new medications which may be more effective are in the pipeline. 3. You can certainly get married because your future partner can receive vaccination against Hepatitis B before you start living together. 4. You should lead a normal life including food, exercise, work, etc. 5. Hepatitis B is not at all as serious an illness as HIV. Moreover, it can be controlled with medications more easily than HIV.


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