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Is free treatment for AIDS patients available in India?

Q: Please inform me regarding free treatment and financial help for AIDS patients.

A:The process remains basically the same in all parts of India. Patients with HIV infection may need all the types of treatment as any other person. They may break a bone or need surgery or any other medical care. The same provisions apply to them as they would to any other person in India. They can go to government hospitals or primary health centres. In addition, they need treatment connected with their HIV status. This is also of two types. One is the treatment of opportunistic infections such as fungal conditions or TB. These opportunistic infections are supposed to be treated at all government hospitals. The last type of treatment that may be required is the treatment by Antiretroviral drugs (ARV). In India there is a small scheme to provide free ARV to a small number of patients in all the more severely affected states. This is done at designated hospitals. To find out whether free ARV are available where you are it is best to visit the office of the State AIDS Society and get the information from them.


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