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I have tested positive for HIV, what to do?

Q: Doctor, I had sex with a prostitute only four to five times, and that too between 10-12 years ago. Since my marriage 9 years back, I have never had sex with anybody except my wife. She has delivered two sons, both by caesarean section. Both the times she was checked for AIDS and the result was negative. Both tests were done at good hospitals in Mumbai and Kolkata. Two years back she underwent an abortion and the AIDS ELISA test was negative. That was done at Malya Hospiatal, Bangalore, a reputed hospital. A few days back I went for a routine blood test and got the ELISA test done. The doctor says that I am infected, a boderline case. What is preplexing me is the fact that had I been infected, it would have been more than 10 years ago. And as I never had sex with anyone other than my wife, she too would have been infected. But that is not the case, as several tests prove that. I have not had any serious illness in the last 8-10 years except mild viral infection once or twice which required no medicine. I have high blood pressure for the last 14 years and raised triglycerides for which I am taking treatment. Apart from that I dont have any other problem. I will appreciate if you can advise me what to do?

A:Please go to a different, good quality lab and get the ELISA tests for HIV repeated on yourself & your wife. That should clarify the issue. At the same time, you should start using condoms while having sex with your wife so that atleast from now onwards, she does not get infected even if you turn out to be HIV positive. In any case, being HIV positive does not mean that you have to despair. A HIV positive person can lead a long, healthy life with proper care and support. Our best wishes.


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