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I am sexually attracted to my mother, what should I do?

Q: I am 19 years old. I am pursuing engineering. I have a mental problem, which I find difficult to discuss with anyone openly. I have a strong sexual desire for my mother, who is quite attractive even in her 40s. Is this a natural feeling or a mental perversion, which can be treated with medicine? I am not able to control my feelings for her. We stay alone on many days as my father goes on tours. I am the only child of her. Can I tell her about my feelings openly and ask her to help me. She has lot of affection for me and hugs and makes lot of body contacts without knowing my feelings. Is it ok if I indulge in sexual contact with her, with her consent other than intercourse? Is there any harm in doing so, if she is willing? Many times I feel like telling her about my feelings, but I don't know how she will react? Do such relations exist in our society?

A:As human beings we are endowed with ability to think, preempt, plan as well as judge right from wrong. Inability to use these abilities lands us into untold misery. Without these qualities we are no different from animals and our society as good as a jungle. Certain traditions and rules of civilised society have stood the test of time to ensure happiness and safety of all. Family is one such concept. You are morally bound to respect your family including your mother even if you do not believe in family. As per your sexual urges, you can find a better and appropriate way for satisfying these. It doesn't make sense to shock your mother and then try to control the damage to her self respect and motherhood. Your own guilt will become a cross for you for ever. Meet a counsellor to learn how to handle your sexual problems.


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