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I am pregnant but unhappy what should I do?

Q: I am 27 years old and I am in the 6th month of my pregnancy. My problem is that I feel depressed and I don't feel happy about my pregnancy. Although my pregnancy was planned and my husband is quite supportive I still don't feel happy about it. I feel guilty for not being happy. I feel that no one is taking care of me and everyone is shouting at me and taunting me. I feel that no one is concerned about my well being, everyone tells me that I should be happy now a days but the environment around me does not seem happy at all. I keep crying all the time, my main concern is, will it affect my baby? I do shout on others but I feel they provoke me. I don't want my baby to be affected from all this. I am eating well but its just that I am not happy. Earlier I used to be the happiest girl I was always smiling but now I don't feel happy.

A:Sometimes pregnancy itself can precipitate depressive symptoms, by the virtues of neurohormonal changes, changes in expected roles and responsibility, limitations in mobility and various other psycho-social and physiological changes. The stress generated by depressive cognition can affect the psychological development of the fetus, besides affecting its physical health. You should consult a psychiatrist for proper treatments and advice. Now a days safer treatment methods including medicines are available to curb the problems of depression during pregnancies.


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