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I am HIV positive, should I use AIDS drugs?

Q: I tested HIV positive 2 years back. Right now I am doing very well without any AIDS medicines. So when I should go for medicines. I have read in some newspapers that theres AIDS vaccine is going to come soon. Is that true, or its only for prevention or it will cure also? Please tell me whether it is possible for vaccine. If I use AIDS drugs how long can I live, by using drugs? Can I do all my work normally, including my office work?

A:As you are doing well at this time, please do not rush into taking anti-retroviral therapy. These AIDS drugs should only be started when required because the immune capacity of the body has been reduced considerably. If you have access to a modern AIDS care facility get a periodic T4Cell count. Generally the consensus is that ARV should be started only when the count falls below 200. In the meantime, please carry on as you have been doing and remember the following:-

  • Contact and discuss issues with a counsellor
  • Do not donate blood
  • Avoid casual sex
  • Use a condom for all penetrative sex, even with the regular partner or even with another HIV infected person
  • Live a regular life with balanced nutrition and regular exercise
  • Continue with the normal occupation to earn a living
  • Get all illnesses treated early
  • Chose a doctor for future consultation who accepts and treats HIV positive persons
  • Get in touch with associations of positive persons
  • Share the knowledge with those that you trust, especially spouse or sexual partner


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