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How to manage negative obsessional thoughts?

Q: I am suffering from psychological problem. I always have negative thought in my mind and for the past two years I have not been able to sleep properly because of this problem. Once in my mind I got a thought that I am urinating on our holy book Quran. From that day onwards, I have not been able to sleep properly. Always such thought are rotating in my mind and I cannot eliminate them. I have talked to psychiatrist in this regard and they have prescribed me medicines that did not help me in controlling depression or such negative thoughts. It has created havoc in my life. I cannot tell anybody that I am suffering from this problem. Please help me in solving this problem.

A:You seem to be suffering from negative obsessional thoughts, a problem that is not at all rare. The fact is that everyone has negative thoughts that fly through the mind, such as urinating in an inappropriate way. But instead of letting the thought fly away to wherever it wants to go, you capture it and make it your prisoner. Then you spend a lot of time and energy guarding your dangerous prisoner - being obsessed with the thought. Obsessional thinking is usually a symptom of an anxiety problem. As your doctor for high doses of a medication like prozac, or for a medication for anxiety. Also, consult a psychotherapist for help in living with the things that make you feel anxious.


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