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How to manage depression and build self confidence?

Q: I am a 20 year student and doing CA. I have noticed the problem of losing confidence. Though it is not regular and continuosly. I am facing this problem for last 3 to 4 years. It started when the girl whom I used to love beyond my own life went away from me, though she loves me also. Before she came in my life I was an ordinary boy But when she came in my life my confidence was on peek. And I got that every thing during relations with her what I wanted to achive. I really dont know what power was working before that but fortunate time of my life. Though still I am working hard to build my carrier. But the freshness, enthusiasm, power, strength of mind what I had when she was with me is not in me. Now I just wanna forget her. And to concentrate on my studies and carrier. Please help me.

A:It is very good that despite a setback in your love life you are trying to move on with life. This shows the wisdom in you can not be blocked by anything if you set down to do something inspite of adversity. All the qualities that surfaced in you during this relationship are still there and will come out if you tap them. One has to respect the decisions of ones loved ones and make the best out of ones life despite everything. Try to involve yourself in your hobbies and learn something you have always wanted to. Do not be alone and brood. Be with your friends and relatives. Work saves one from this type of pain but do take care of your recreation. Analyse the reasons of your lack of confidence and consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist to help you cope better. She or he will also see if you have depression and need any intervention for that.


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