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How to keep my teeth in good health?

Q: I am a 42 years male residing in Mumbai. Early last year, I had a tooth ache and the dentist did a root canal treatment and saved the tooth from extraction. Again this year I had some bleeding from the lower right side gum near the first molar which stopped for some time but returned with an unbearable toothache two months ago. The same dentist took an X-ray and again did a root canal treatment and saved the tooth. I also get a sensation in a tooth in the left upper jaw when I drink coffee. Another dentist examined it and suggested root canal treatment – since my regular dentist said there is no cavity I did not pay much attention to it. But I get the sensation every now and then. I have been very careful about my teeth for the past 20 years and regularly visit the dentist. I would like to know what is the possible cause for internal tooth decay as I brush my teeth thoroughly in the morning and again at night after dinner without fail. Please also let me know the kind of foods I should eat and which to avoid?

A:Please get the whole treatment possible done at one time i.e. preventive and curative. Don't get only emergency treatment done. Go for proper gum cleaning and gum treatment. Next get an OPG (full mouth X-ray) done for total diagnosis. The sensation could be because of enamel loss which can be diagnosed only on examination. This is due to wrong brushing technique or usage of a hard brush. You must eat a healthy and balanced diet for good teeth. Eat foods which do mechanical cleaning of teeth eg. munching a full apple etc. Vitamin C is good for your gums so take Vit. C supplements or citrus fruits. Eat less of sugary foods eg. chocolates, sweets. Rinse your mouth whenever you eat them.


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