Q: Wouldn’t it be nice to look better feel younger. And enhance your confidence profile many times over?

A:Why do teeth discolour?

Discoloration of teeth is either external (coffee, tea, wine, saffron in food etc) or internal (due to fluoride in water, use of antibiotics in childhood e.g.: tetracycline), trauma leading to nerve death, or due to genetic factors/conditions that affect enamel and/or dentin or plain age–related.

If you are unhappy with the colour or state of your front teeth—veneers might be for you.

Doc: What happens and what do I do?

A) Have your dentist diagnose your problem.
B) If indicated, a wafer –thin porcelain/composite veneer will be advised for a few or many teeth after slight removal of your enamel—0.5-1.5mm.
C) Your dentist will then take a measurement and colour-match your teeth.
D) He will then send it to a competent laboratory which will then design and make a beautiful, life-like set of veneer based on his instructions.
E) Your dentist will then cement them onto your teeth with a special cement (also tooth coloured) and voila –you now have a fresh new smile.

Doc: What is better composite or a porcelain veneer?

A composite veneer needs less tooth-reduction, is shorter –lived and can discolour a bit more easily.
A porcelain veneer is more colour-stable and longer-lasting. But it is more expensive.

Doc: What precautions do I have to take?

A) Avoid exceptionally hard foods e.g.: Toblerone from the fridge and some chikki.
B) No contact sport for you either.
C) Maintain excellent oral hygiene by brushing twice daily with a fluoride (preferable unless otherwise contraindicated), floss regularly.
D) Visit your dentist regularly.

Remember: An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure


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