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What is tooth sensitivity?

Q: What is tooth sensitivity? What causes it?

A:When hot and cold air or food or drinks create an sensation of pain and discomfort in your teeth either some or all –you are experiencing tooth sensitivity.

What causes it?
1. Hard brushes, hard brushing and excessive brushing.
2. Parafunction like night grinding, bruxism, gnashing of teeth.
3. Excessive use of acidic foods especially citrus fruits and juices ,cola beverages.
4. severe Acidity and gastric efflux disorder.
5. use of other agents for oral care.

How does one prevent it?
1. Brush gently with a soft or ultrasoft toothbrush for 3-5 minutes twice daily.
2. Change your toothbrush every 4-6 weeks

Your dentist will:
1. Clinically examine and diagnose.
2. Thoroughly clean and polish your teeth.
3. Recommend an appropriate mouthwash and an anti-hypersensitivity toothpaste based on your problem.
4. In severe cases treat it in the dental office with other methods/modalities.

‘An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’


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