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How to handle bad dreams?

Q: I am a married woman of 26 yrs and am a computer professional working for last 6 yrs with a change of job this February. My married life is of about 1.5 yrs and is happy. Even if my husband scolds me sometime or the other, I don't take it to heart. But every thing I face in a day I think a lot about it. Whether it is a matter of office, or any small or big thing. If my mother says something I sometimes feel it but I take it in a way that I will not repeat it again. I don't watch or read horrible stories but my problem is that I get horrible dreams. Some times if my dream is half-way and I wake up, the next time I wll dream the later half. Some times I am alone in a jungle; some times I am jumping from a building to rescue myself from peoples; ome times I am driving very furiously although I don't know driving. All the dreams are about more than an hour and, as I am in the habit of going to the toilet at night, when I come back my dream continues. The problem is after such a horrible dream I wake up with a burdened/heavy head. This was a problem even before my marriage as once when my mother talked about the riots of 1984 for just 2 minutes, the same night I saw such a horrible dream in which I was waiting for a bus and people were hitting each other and then cutting them wildly, putting them in a hot water etc. Please suggest me what shall I do?

A:From the information you provide you seem anxious and I wonder if you were in fact witness to the horrors of 1984 or another terror provoking event. In either case, I believe that psychotherapy will be helpful. Dreams per se are not harmful in any way - it is clear that the content bothers you understandably - again I think that psychotherapy will be helpful.


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