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How to get rid of stammering after 30?

Q: I have stammering problem from my childhood. My age is 32 and I am married. When I speak with my wife, or friends or assistants, this stammering is not there. But when I speak with my director or there is a mistake, then this problem is more. What is the solution for this? Please advise.

A:Stammering that is situational, is more of an anxiety response, otherwise it tends to happen in most situations. It is seen that in situations where the person is very anxious about the self, and the way one is going to speak, and how others would perceive the persons speaking. Also in anxiety, in high performing situations, in anger, when the person tries to speak loudly or fast, then the chances of stammering increase. So to reduce the stammering, you need to ensure that you are relaxed, for that learn relaxation exercises. Also make it a point to speak softly, and slowly, rhythmically in these situations. Also you need to remind yourself that you can speak normal as you do so in social situations, so when you are with your boss, think on what to speak rather than how you shall speak. Go confident and relaxed. It has been seen that people who have situational anxiety also benefit from medications. My advise is that you take a consultation for a psychiatrist as well, as that would be beneficial.


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