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How to deal with restlessness and nervousness?

Q: I am a 31 years old married man. I am very active, restless and a kind hearted person. I cannot concentrate on any activity if it is not giving any positive result. I am so restless that if I keep anything pending, then I cannot sleep and keep thinking about it? I don't like to do anything where I cannot succeed. I get very nervous. During the All India Police Duty Meet, as the competition starts, I being a competitor get so nervous that my fingers stop typing. As a result for the last three years I am losing the top position by 7-8 marks.

A:You seem to have imbibed the philosophy of the fast food generation - Think, act, succeed, love, live etc quick. So obviously one gets frustrated quickly. It takes time to think, plan, act and succeed. Analyse what you call your failure - you may identify some maladaptive patterns of dealing with situations - correcting them may help you. A person in a hurry is usually nervous or anxious - this clouds the thinking leading to more failures. So it may be wise for you to learn how to relax - yoga, pranayam, meditation, recreation, hobbies, spending time with friends and family all help in relaxing. Consult a psychologist to identify any other problems that may be present.


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