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How to deal with nightmares?

Q: I am a married woman of 26 yrs. I am leading a happy life. we had love marriage. But I usually watch bad dreams at night the only problem with me is that I think too much on any subject e.g if my husband has asked me to do certaing thngs and I forgot to do them and later on if he scolds me than I will thnk much about it if i had done it than he woldnt have scolded me secondly, I some times watch such dreams which are related to apart of discussion of a day.pls suggest me what should I do? waiting for reply.

A:Days events are normally woven into the dreams so dont worry. Regarding nightmares, you can consult a sleep disorder expert. Learn ways of relaxation, coping with stress,giving time to yourself without feeling guilty,analyse wrong patterns of thinking and correct them,all this might help you. You may consult a psychologist to learn these.


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