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How to deal with hypertensive responses?

Q: I am 53 and have been regularly getting Stress ECG test done for last 6-7 years. Four years ago I was tested for hypertensive response and I wasn't the same as before. I am fairly regular on Yoga, Pranayama, walking etc. Except for two consecutive years on tread mill, I did not reach hypertensive stage in any activity. I find reduced stamina during sex. I discovered that if I do 50 sit-ups, I develop high blood pressure in a short time (within one or two minutes) but upto 40 sit-ups are fine. I have not tried, but probably running or fast walking (like tread mill) may invoke similar hypertensive reaction. I feel great after work out. My question is Can I ever get over hypertensive responses and can I have sex or run as before? Is it alright or beneficial to exercise and quickly reach high heart beats and breathing rates?

A:Increase of BP and heart rate is a normal response to exercise. It is the Basal BP which is targeted to levels < 140/85 mms Hg. Regular exercise helps the body in several ways. Lowers the Basal BP, reduces cholesterol levels, lowers blood sugar levels, helps in maintaining weight, reduces stress and gives a feeling of well being.


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