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How to control blood pressure?

Q: I am 42 yrs. old, non vegetarian and a nonsmoker. How do I keep my blood pressure below 140/90? I was diagnosed 4yrs ago as hypertensive with a B.P. of 170/110. My TMT was ok and I was put on Amlodipine 5mg & Alprazolam 1/2mg. My B.P. reduced to 130/84. After a while my B.P. went up to 160/106 and Betanefidine was added and the B.P. stabilised at 140/90. A month later my B.P. again shot up to 160/110. My doctor discontinued the above medicines and gave me Amlopress AT and Ramiprill 2.5mg. Now my B.P. is around 130-140/90. I had also gone for a lipid profile test & ECG, the reports of which were normal. My pressure again increased to 150/100 in the middle of last year and the doctor increased Ramiprill from 2.5mg to 5mg. A repeat lipid profile is as follows: 1.Total cholesterol 133 2.HDL 35 3.LDL 79 4.Triglyceride 112 5.Creatinine 98 6.ECG LAHB, rest WNL I do not understand the meaning of LAHB and its impact on the heart. I am taking Ramiprill (CARDACE 5mg), which costs around Rs 9.50 per tab. Please give the names of other drug manufacturers of ramiprill tab. with lower cost price.

A:1) It is not unusual for the Blood pressure to go up with time, thus requiring change of dose or drugs 2) LAHB stand for Left anterior Hemiblock, by itself it does not call for any concern or evaluation. 3) Other test reports seem to be within acceptable limits


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