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How should I reduce the feeling of guilt about visiting a prostitute?

Q: My age is 22 years. About six months back I had gone to some prostitutes but did not have sex with them. I had just touched them and vice-versa. They also did some acts with their mouth but I used a condom, so I am still a virgin. I no longer go to them and will never do so in future but there is this guilt feeling in me that why I did this act and I should not have done this. It is getting on my mind and depressing me. It is hampering my studies, happiness and enthusiasm at a young age. How can I forget this thing and concentrate on my studies as I am a chartered accountancy student and my life depends on my education? I want to just get rid of this guilt feeling and get on with my life. Please guide me.

A:Let me begin by sharing with you that it is very common for young people like yourself to experiment with sexual acts. One channel through which it is often done is by visiting sex workers. You sound very aware of the risks of such behaviour. This must be kept in mind at all times. Besides this, the guilt that you are talking about may be dealt with by rationalising why you resorted to this. I can only guess and say that it was an experience that you wanted to have. Also because of the acts that you engaged in does not sound risky in terms of sexually transmitted diseases you may want to put this experience aside as one belonging to this phase in your life and move on. There is no reason to be harsh on yourself. It is only one incident. You have a long way to go and make the most of all other opportunities that come into your life. Good luck.


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