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How do I make sure that my kidneys remain healthy?

Q: I am a 56 years old male, hypertensive due to chronic glomerulonephritis as diagnosed clinically 12 years ago. At that time, my creatinine level was 1.7, which is 2.4 now. During the last 12 years, I have lost 4 kg weight. My Hb is 13 g/dl, blood urea - 48-50 mg/dl, blood pressure remains between 120/80 -130/80 mm of Hg. I take Amlodipine, Listril, Betacard and Ketosteril. What should I do to avoid dialysis in future?

A:The continued strict control of blood pressure (goal BP < 130/80 mmHg) and avoidance of intake of potential kidney toxic medications including daily/continuos intake of common pain medicines like Voveran and Nimulid would help to delay the progression of underlying chronic kidney disease though may not be able to arrest the progression over a long run. In fact, further knowledge of the nature of nephritis by biopsy would have helped to comment on the chances of disease progression. In addition, monitoring and managing some of the complications of kidney disease like anaemia and kidney bone disease helps to maintain overall health including of your vital cardiovascular system. Lastly, a healthy tailored diet based on the stage of your kidney disease including daily intake of 55-60 gm of protein is essential as well.


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