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How do I convince my boyfriends parent to let us marry?

Q: I am in love with a guy for the past 4 years. He also loves me and wants to marry me. But his parents are against this where as my parents have half-heartedly agreed for the sake of my happiness. My boyfriend, who is very much attached to his parents and family, couldn't take any decision. I cannot tell him to come out and marry me or leave me. We can't leave each other and live. Kindly give me an advice, which will be beneficial to both of us.

A:You both are adults and ultimately it is going to be your life. However, it is always helpful to convince the family as much as possible. 1) Make sure your boyfriend definitely wants to go ahead with this marriage. 2) Explore - what is it that his parents are against about this marriage. Be bold and talk to them along with your boyfriend, listen to their side of the story. 3) If they have reasonable concerns about this marriage - try or work in resolving those. Hopefully through these steps you might get some help.


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