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How dangerous is casual sex?

Q: Last night I had sex with a girl whom I met at a night club. Thrice the condom was broken and finally due to shortage of condoms, I had to finish without using it. Now I am scared of getting some disease. Could you tell me what should I do to know that I am not affected with any kind of disease? I asked my friends but they told me to wait for a few days and consult a doctor only if something (like infection etc.) happens as it is too early to have a check up. Please help me.

A:Casual sex without using a condom can definitely be a source of some sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS. If you are worried, it is quite natural. We suggest that you wait for a week or so more for any symptom to appear (e.g., burning/pain on urination; discharge of pus or blood in urine; frequency of urination; appearance of some ulcer or sore on the penis etc.). After one week, whether symptoms appear or not, you need to consult a qualified venerologist personally and seek opinion. You would be required to undergo a few tests to rule out STDs. As regards ELISA test for HIV, that can only be undertaken 3 months after exposure. We would also advise you not to indulge in unsafe sexual practices.


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