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How can my introvert son develop self-confidence?

Q: My son has completed his graduation and will be going to another state for higher studies. He has always been an introvert, reserved and shy person. He does not interact much with people of his age. He has not participated in regular sports for the past 7-8 years. Hence, physically he is quite inactive and does not possess the stamina and ability like others of his age. He has an inferiority complex and does not have complete confidence in himself. This is the first time that he is going to live alone outside Mumbai, among others of his age in a hostel. I have concerns regarding his ability to be able to cope with the changes for the next 2 years and taking up a job after that. Is it possible to make him believe in himself, psychologically and that he has the ability to cope with the change in surroundings? Since he has to deal with the new environment where, other students will be better than him in sports and studies, I do not want it to affect his two year stay. Please suggest something that can be done within the next one month.

A:Well if he has taken a decision, then to give him confidence, express your confidence in his abilities and remind him that you as a family believe in him. Also as an adult, have faith on his stress handling abilities and let him grow by himself. If he expresses his own lack of confidence and anxiety, then ask him to talk to a psychiatrist who would talk to him and help him with social skills and some personal counselling.


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