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How can I prevent spreading the hepatitis B virus, which I carry?

Q: I am 30 years old male. Last year, I donated blood and soon after got a letter from the hospital saying I was Hepatitis B positive. I consulted a doctor and was given some tablet & Livosin for 15 days. I would like to know if there is any other medication to be taken. I came to know that the transmission can be through sexual intercourse, needles or blood transfusion. I would like to know whether this gets transmitted only if I have sex with an infected female? What is my future? Can I lead a normal life (i.e. marry and have children). What precautions do I need to take to avoid transmitting this to my family?

A:As you know, Hepatitis-B infection is a viral infection that spreads almost in the same manner as HIV/AIDS. In your case, what has been the source of this infection, only you can guess that. However, in a large majority of patients, this infection remains un-troublesome and only a small percentage of patients become chronic carriers and develop complications. For further treatment, we suggest you to consult a liver specialist (Hepatologist). As regards precautions, it is advised that you don't share your personal items such as tooth brush, razor etc. with any one; always use a condom while having sex; don't donate blood and don't share needles/syringes with any one. Please remember that just like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B also does not spread through casual, social contact.


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