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How can I help my brother get out of depression of unemployment?

Q: My brother is unemployed and is developing symptoms of depression. He is behaving very strangely. His symptoms are sleeping disorder, always thinking of something, not taking interest in things that he likes like TV, cricket etc. He has an inferiority complex due to me (younger sister) and my brother (younger to him). He is always angry and doesn't have friends. He is always afraid of what the neighbours will think if he does not have a job. He is not well educated, but always aims and dreams big to earn more money. Since he is not able to fulfil his dreams, he's not able to handle the pain. We are trying to find a job for him, but he does not go for the interviews. He wants that someone should hire him without an interview. He is scared of interviews because he has been rejected in the past. We tried to convince him to open a shop, but he thinks that its too low profile for him, as he has an assumption that uneducated people open a shop. Sometimes he talks that our neighbours are saying that he is unemployed and not well educated.

A:There are really two aspects, which need to be worked at. Firstly, to see and ensure that your brother can be occupied in some or the other thing all through the day - for e.g. even running errands for the house, etc. This has to be achieved with full dignity and respect for the individual as well gentle but definite push. The work that he does has to be appreciated and the whole family should focus on cutting the criticism and increasing the appreciation. Secondly, help him with a regular job of whatever nature but keeping in mind his interest. Also, it would indeed be worthwhile to understand the family situation, any conflict within the family, the attitude of members towards him, and the reasons why he could not get a job. And lastly, he should be encouraged to visit a counsellor for engagement and if need be a Psychiatrist to assess him for any Psychiatric illness. However, nothing can be achieved without family unity.


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