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How can I cope up with criticism towards my artificial arm?

Q: I am a 32 year-old woman with congenital absence of my left forearm. Due to this I wear a prosthesis. The prosthesis is very good and the way I carry myself, most of the people don't realise that I wear an artificial arm. However, I do fear how people would react to my artificial arm, especially people who are less refined in their attitude. I feel very conscious when I go to the market or when someone makes a comment or stares at my arm. Recently, I had gone to my office creche and a child started shouting - she's got a wooden hand! I didn't know how to react as other children also joined in. The surprising part was that the mother of the child did not say anything. The next day, when the child repeated the scene, I told the mother to stop it. Is this right? How should I deal with such situations? I am a senior in my corporate and I don't feel weird at work. I am also worried about how my daughter, who is 8 months old will react to this.

A:First of all I would like to say that the way in which you have not allowed this problem to become a hindrance in your personal growth is highly commendable. In life, we all experience some kind of handicap or the other but what is important is important is to surpass them and achieve our goals. The problems which you are facing as a result of social ignorance should be dealt with firmly without loosing an iota of your personal worth or self - esteem. Don't let any of this bullying or criticism ever get to you or bog you down. The best way to react to such situations is not to take these remarks personally and continue to be the strong woman that you have always been. As far as your daughter is concerned, educate her when she is old enough to understand, and I am sure she will grow up to be proud of her mother.


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