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How can I control my mind?

Q: I am not in control of my mind. I can't sleep early at night. It takes me 2 to 3 hours to sleep after I go to bed. This is because different thoughts go through my mind continuously. I also have a habit of speaking to myself. How can I be in control of my mind and make it focus on the point I want to? Many a times it happens that I am talking to someone, but, there are some other thoughts going on in my mind. I also suffer from absent mindedness. While leaving the house if my mother asks me to bring something from the market, I end up forgetting it. Can consulting a doctor help me? Which specialist should I consult?

A:What you have described seems to be obsessive brooding, a kind of thinking process that is recurrent, and persistent, without control, giving a kind of anxiety and restlessness. This is seen in anxiety disorders, and would be benefited with medications, or counselling (cognitive behavioural therapy), under the guidance of a psychiatrist. Consulting a psychiatrist would be helpful.


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