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How can I check my HIV status?

Q: I am a 24 years old man and got my blood tested after 60 days of my last exposure wherein the result came as Not Detected for the HIV Proviral DNA by PCR test. Now it has been 6 months completed since the last exposure. Which test should I get done? I have few symptoms like my body becomes very hot and my thighs burn when I sit and my back too burns. Could these symptoms be because of HIV infection?

A:The complaints you describe do not point to HIV. Normally the test you had 60 days after your risk exposure should be adequate to convince you that you were lucky and did not acquire HIV infection. If you still have some doubt, please go to a reliable laboratory, such as the government testing and counselling centre and get an ELISA test done. If it is negative, please stop worrying about the previous exposure. Please ensure that you do not expose yourself to risk again so that you avoid all the worry and tension you have been through. However if the test comes positive, do not believe the result until it is repeated. If the second test is negative, stop worrying -- you do not have HIV infection. If the second test is also positive, then you need to see your doctor.


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