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How can I be absolutely sure that I am free from HIV?

Q: I tested my blood for HIV-1 and HIV-2 118 days after my last exposure (though I don't know how they differ). The test was negative. This test was not done by the card method but was an ELISA test where they give us the percent (%) of the infection. After the test the doctor said I have absolutely no problem with my blood. I want to know is the HIV virus suppressed in my blood and will I get a clear result after a couple of months? All the symptoms I had are HIV symptoms but the test was negative. I still have some stomach and throat problem which are persisting. My throat is swollen for the past 2 1/2 months while the scattered body rashes are still there on the shoulders and hands while other problems seem to have vanished.

A:I am happy to learn that your test was negative or non-reactive. Very good. To be sure, another test should be done 3 months after the exposure but I would not worry about the symptoms. As you know, early HIV infection is without symptoms and even in late disease or AIDS, the symptoms vary with the nature of the opportunistic infection. What you describe could be due to many reasons other than HIV. See your doctor and stop worrying and start living!


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