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How can hypothyroidism and hypertension be managed together?

Q: My 60 years old mother had done a blood test, which showed her cholesterol level at 183 mg/dl, triglycerides – 132 mg/dl, HDL – 43 mg/dl, LDL – 114 mg/dl, VLDL – 26 mg and haemoglobin – 12 g/dl. She has high blood pressure and hypothyroidism too. She feels weak, pain in the legs near the ankles and does not get proper sleep at night. She is taking Eltroxine 100 mg for the last 6 months and has started taking Metoprolex 50 mg, Ramipril 5 mg twice daily, Clopid 75 mg for the last 2 months. Please advise.

A:These reports do not indicate any major abnormality.

  1. Check on her liver and kidney function tests, blood sugar and current status of thyroid (TSH), stool for routine examination and occult blood. Also check if she has high uric acid or a vitamin B 12 deficiency.
  2. Since she is post menopausal, she needs to increase her dietary intake of calcium by taking more milk products, bananas, chicken/fish etc.
  3. Add approximately 1000 mg of calcium supplementation for her, give her vitamin D sachets once a fortnight. Add vitamin supplements.
  4. As a person grows older, the number of hours of sleep gradually reduces. If the quality of sleep is ok, avoid sleep medication; otherwise she can be prescribed some sleeping tablets to be used on SOS basis under medical supervision. You will need a medical prescription to buy the same.
  5. It is ok to use local ointments or mild analgesics like paracetamol or tramadol for joint pains.
  6. Check that her blood pressure is adequately controlled.


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