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How can high blood pressure be managed?

Q: I am a 38 years old man suffering from high blood pressure for the last 3 years. I am taking Revas-H daily. But now I am feeling very low and lethargic almost whole day. I also feel that my sexual energy has declined. Sometimes I feel heaviness in my chest and slight pain in my heart. I got the ECG done 8 months ago and the result was normal. My weight is 82 kg and my height is 5.9 feet. What types of exercise would help me in maintaining blood pressure?

A:Since you developed hypertension at a relatively young age, you have to be on regular lifestyle modifications including salt restriction and exercise. You can go in for brisk walking for 30-45 minutes or an equivalent exercise. Since you are mentioning heaviness in the chest and fatigue, get the following done:

  • Lipid profile - cholesterols and triglycerides need to be well-controlled
  • Stress echocardiography
  • Thyroid profile
  • Eye check up to look for atherosclerosis (narrowing of vessels due to cholesterol deposits)
  • Consult a urologist.


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