HIV infection

Q: For the last few days I have been reading your material on AIDS and I got a lot of informaiton from it. However, I would be obliged if following few questions could be answered by your expert on AIDS : 1) What are the chances of getting HIV infection if somebody uses latex condom during an act of intercourse and one do not get washed himself? 2) Is it necessary to get washed completely after an act of intercourse? 3) Though there are many symptoms of HIV infection. Can you tell which one the main symptom? How much time it akes to develop symptoms?

A:A undamaged latex condom used correctly before the expiry date offers very good protection. Please remember that the condom must be used from the start of insertion of the penis to the end of the sexual act. Please also rmember that occasionally condoms tear or break. This exposes the person to risk of infection. Chance of a condom tearing is greater if there is insufficient lubrication or in anal intercourse. Washing after intercourse is a good idea but if the condom is correctly used and does not get damaged, washing is a measure of hygiene. The symptoms depend upon the opportunistic infection.


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